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BRLA Fall 2016 Pace Results

Hunt | Junior Western  | Pleasure 
Photos taken by ConnecticutPhoto 

BRLA Spring 2016 Pace Results

Hunt     Junior    Western    Pleasure

Photos from the Spring 2016 Pace
taken by Kathy Mathew Photography

BRLA 2015 Annual ABT Pace Series Results

Champion: Dawn Tagliavia-Deri 39 pts.
Reserve: Steve Stirbl & Joan Bernstein 35 pts

Champion: Susannah Pask 37 pts
Reserve: Kate Stoupas 29 pts

Champions: Dakota Wissell & Hannah Ota 16 pts
Reserve: Lauren Montague 15 pts

Champions: Anthony Zumpano & Helen Martino 51 pts
Reserves: Diane & Vicky DeFiore 32 pts


BRLA 2015 Annual Fall Pace Results

Hunt  |   Junior  |   Pleasure  |  Western

Photos from the Pace taken by Connecticutphoto


BRLA 2015 Annual Memorial Day Pace Results

Hunt     Junior     Pleasure     Western

Photos from the Pace taken by

Kathy Mathew Photography



BRLA 2014 Annual ABT Pace Series Results

Hunt   Junior   Pleasure   Western


2014 ABT Hunter Pace Point Standings 

1) Deb Higgins, 46 pts
Corie Saumel
2) Kayla O'Dell 34 pts
Nick Costantakos

1) Susannah Pask 49 pts
2) John & Christine Barry 32 pts

1) Ainsley Kohler 20 pts
Catie Morgan
2) Taylor Renahan 13 pts

1) Helen Martino 26 pts
2) Trina Smith 22 pts
Pam Hutchinson
Donna Freeman 


2014 BRLA Memorial Day Country Pace Results

Western    Junior    Pleasure    Hunt


2013 ABT Hunter Pace Point Standings 

Champions:  Deb Higgins & Corie Saumell
Reserve:  Mary Lee Harrison

Champions:  Claire Reed, John and Christine Barry
Reserve: Rusty Parker

Champions:  Suzanne and Grace Galli
Reserve: Alex Rivera

Champion:  Trina Smith
Reserve:  Pam Hutchinson

Claire Reed and Rusty Parker
Claire Reed & Rusty Parker


 BRLA 2013 Annual Fall Pace Results
Junior    Western     Pleasure    Hunt 


Charlotte Kooyman and her son Michael at the BRLA 2013 Fall Pace

Charlotte Kooyman and her son Michael at the BRLA 2013 Fall Pace

"Hunter Pace"
by Nicki Esdorn



Video from BRLA's 2013 Spring Country Pace
Video courtesy of Gabe Evans
(approx. 14 min.)

Amanda Ward
Amanda Ward
BRLA 2013 Spring Memorial Day Country Pace

   Photos of the BRLA Spring Pace taken by Kathy Mathew Photography



BRLA 2013 Memorial Day Country Pace Results

Hunt    Junior    Pleasure    Western


Allison Bauer and Amanda Ferrara

Allison Bauer and Amanda Ferrara were Junior Division Champions of the Associated Bridle Trails Fall Pace Series 2012, with the highest number of accumulated points for all seven paces in the 18 and under age group. Congratulations, girls!

2012 BRLA Fall Pace Results
Hunt     Junior    Pleasure    Western
(PDF Files)
Proofs from the Pace - Kathy Mathew Photography

BRLA Fall 2012 Pace Video Courtesy of Kate Stoupas
Thank you Kate!


2012 BRLA Spring Pace Results
Hunt       Junior      Pleasure      Western
(pdf files)



2012 ABT Hunter Pace Point Standings

Hunt Division:

1) 55 pts - Deb Higgins   
    55 pts - Corie Saumell

2) 38 pts - Shari Rossi
     38 pts - Sara Eastright


1) 40 pts - Susannah Pask
2) 31 pts - Veronika Brandhuber


1) 21 pts - Allison Bauer & Amanda Ferrara 
2) 19 pts - Kate Harckham                          


1) 37 pts - Amy & Kathryn Deutermann
2) 36 pts - Kim Robbins 

Top Overall:

1) Deb Higgins & Corie Saumell
2) Susannah Pask


2011 BRLA Fall Pace Results

Hunt      Junior      Pleasure      Western


Associated Bridle Trails Association 2011 Pace Results

Shari Rossi & Sara Eastright               40 pts
Dave & Mindy Dybas & Kylie Miller    35 pts  

Vevette Greenberg & Marylou Kennedy  27 pts
Karen Asselin                                           19 pts  

Amanda Sullivan & Mark Martinez     19 pts
Lara Brown & Morgan LeBrun            13 pts  

Amy Deutermann       36 pts
Viola Powrie              29 pts

   2011 Spring Pace Results
(PDF files)
    BRLA Pace Proofs by Kathy Mathew Photography - password:  BRLA

2011 PACE VIDEO - courtesy of Stan Schulman!


Email Contact:  Paces@Bedfordridinglanes.com


Memorial Day Country Pace and Luncheon

Monday May 30, 2011

This year’s Memorial Day Country Pace will mark the 25th year we have held this event. If you’d like to ride on an exciting course through our best trails over dozens of jumps (optional) with streams and meadows to cross, this is for you. If you’d rather get up a bit later and wander over for a delicious lunch and barbeque, we’ve got something for you, too.

John Jay Homestead State Historical Site is the venue for this enjoyable day, and if you come early you will see horse trailers pulling in as early as 6:30 AM. Many riders also hack over from barns nearby.  As many as 300 horses and ponies of all descriptions and pedigrees will gather at the retirement home of John Jay, a Founding Father of our country.  Teams of riders will head out at two minute intervals over the carefully prepared pace course. The ride usually takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on the “pace” each team chooses. Excessive speed is penalized, and teams must request permission to pass other teams. All riders must wear safety helmets and proper riding boots. Horses should be in regular work so they have the condition necessary to complete the course. Walking areas along the route must be observed.



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