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The Reason for "No Dogs"

By Linda Van Kooy

While riding on the trails, I sometimes run into riders with dogs. When I ask the rider not to trail ride with their dog, I start to feel like I should be wearing a sign that says "dog hater." It's not true; I love dogs! So, I thought I would try to explain why dogs shouldn't be on the trails. Most of the time they are either right in front of the riders or right behind, but other times the dogs are running through the woods out of sight of the rider.No Dogs

The out of sight dogs can be a big problem. They wander off the trail and onto the "no rider, no dog" part of a landowners property. The dogs can't read signs and landowners don't want them there-

In the recent past, I have gotten complaints from landowners about dogs coming off the trail and starting trouble with their dogs, and dogs running into paddocks to chase horses. Dogs don't realize that horses don't need to be rounded up in the field or that they don't want to play with them. And horse people don't want dogs running their horses around. It is dangerous for the dog and the horse.

Another problem is with timid riders or horses new to the trails. Very often the loose dog will come running out of nowhere to playful- ly attack the horse on the trail. Horses don't always realize they are just playing until it is too late, and the horse already spooked. So please, no dogs on the trails. We love our landowners and want to keep them happy and we want to keep horses happy on the trails.

Linda Van Kooy (September 30, 2002)


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