BRLA 2015 Annual ABT Pace Series Results

Champion: Dawn Tagliavia-Deri 39 pts.
Reserve: Steve Stirbl & Joan Bernstein 35 pts

Champion: Susannah Pask 37 pts
Reserve: Kate Stoupas 29 pts

Champions: Dakota Wissell & Hannah Ota 16 pts
Reserve: Lauren Montague 15 pts

Champions: Anthony Zumpano & Helen Martino 51 pts
Reserves: Diane & Vicky DeFiore 32 pts

BRLA Barn Tour

Photos courtesy Lara Ward



THE BRLA BARN TOUR visited six beautiful equestrian properties in Bedford and North Salem. We finished up with lunch and Hunter Derby demonstration at Buxton Farm NY, presented by Heather Hays. Perfect Fall day! Thanks to all the property owners and 150 guests who turned out to support the BRLA. 

One of the beautiful barns on the tour belonged to Martha Stewart and she mentioned the BRLA Barn tour in her blog yesterday. 

   "A Barn Tour at My Cantitoe Corners Farm"

"A lovely autumn day for a Barn Tour through the Bedford, New York area."  Read more..



"Competing in this Year's Bedford Pace"

The BRLA Pace held on May 25th is featured today in Martha Stewart's Blog.  "Time for the annual Bedford Pace!  "Twice a year, a horse competition fund-raiser is held in the northern Westchester, New York area called the Bedford Pace. It’s run by the Bedford Riding Lanes Association (BRLA), which is a publicly supported, non-profit organization that maintains and develops more than 100-miles of historic equestrian trails running through beautiful private properties near my Bedford home."  Read more... 



Harry Evarts and Sal Mastropolo - Bridge at Beaver Dam
This bridge in the Beaver Dam Sanctuary was recently rebuilt
by Harry Evarts and Sal Mastropolo.

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BRLA President Monique Schulman and BRLA Board Member Betsy Perreten were featured on Martha Stewart's blog as they competed in Monday's Memorial Day Pace. Martha herself is an equestrian and the owner of beautiful Friesian horses, shown here. We would like to thank Martha for her continuing interest in our trails, and also her generous donation of a basket of cooking products to this year's raffle.

Link to Martha Stewart's Blog

BRLA 2014 Memorial Day Pace
BRLA 2014 Memorial Day Pace


BRLA Trails - How to Report an Issue

 If you find a problem on one of the BRLA trails, we would like to take care of it as soon as possible. In the past, many people have informed Marian Torre when a trail issue arose.

We would like to clarify to all that ALL trail issues should be reported to Charlotte Kooyman. She is the volunteer who coordinates the work we perform on the trails.  The best way to communicate with Charlotte is via email to This will enable Charlotte to plan a schedule for the BRLA trailman, which includes both emergency and routine work. Our goal is to perform these tasks in the most efficient and timely way possible. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.